• Do not notify the clients current agent to request the loss runs. Whenever this request is made to the incumbent agent , this pretty much lets them know that the prospect is shopping around for another carrier, and once they do get wind of this will start to IMMEDIATELY start blocking the markets – before you even have a chance to let the ink dry on the loss run request
  • Make sure that you get currently valued loss runs, many times the loss runs the client provides that they retain themselves are out of date and will not get you a quote with your business insurance carriers. Usually after 90 days the insurance carriers will no longer accept the loss runs
  • Try to get out the 2nd and 3rd loss run requests as soon as you can . Make sure that you CC all third requests to the Insurance commissioner for your state.
  • The contact information used on the contact page of this website may not work…there is a phone # by each of the companies  ( you should call to double check the loss run contact information) if you do have updated information leave it on the page so that we can all take a deep breath.


7 Responses to Tips

  1. Anonymous says:

    This site is great. The email address to request Loss runs from Amtrust is ubilossrun@amtrustgroupdotcom as of 8/18/15. Thank you for this resource

  2. Julie says:

    PO BOX 5900
    MADISON, WI 53705

    gaunderwriting@capspecialty DOTCOM

  3. Cyndi Chidester says:

    Thank you for this resource!!
    I did attempt to email the contact at Deep South and that email bounced. Fax went through though.

  4. Alexis Reza says:

    Has anyone had trouble with LLoyds of London ??

  5. Kimberly Frazier says:

    Hey there Alexis – we typically have to obtain the claims history/malpractice verification from the ‘producer’ of the policy, as it seems like Lloyds of London does not respond. Try the producer and see what you can get. Hope this helps.

  6. Kimberly Frazier says:

    Please add process for obtaining loss run/malpractice verification from Harvard University, as it is the physician’s responsibility to provide. Below is the information received.
    The physician has the ability to retrieve and forward proof of his/her med mal insurance, including claim history, through an online portal set up by the med mal provider (CRICO/RMF). He/she should already be aware of the site and have login credentials – it is only available to their insureds. Nevertheless, you can remind him/her of the process:

    Where do I send requests?
    Claim History requests can be retrieved via UMAPS or can be submitted through the online portal at

  7. Troy Sherman says:

    Does anyone have contact info for Catlin Insurance?

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