Letter of authorization loss run request

below is an example of a letter of authorization for a loss run request:


Freds Bumper and Jumpers

1111 main

Anytown, USA 112233



 State Fund of California
10105 Pacific Heights Blvd
San Diego, CA 92121
Phone: 877-405-4545
Attention: Loss Runs Department
Fax: 707-455-9240

Re: Loss Run Request

Policy type: Workers Compensation

Policy # 11111aaaa1111

To whom it may concern:

With regard to the above captioned policy, this letter authorizes and requests your company to release the complete detailed loss runs showing all experience (open and closed) for the periods directly to:

Best Insurance agency EVER:

attention: Best Insurance agent EVER

email: bestinsurance@bestinsuranceagency eve . com

Fax: 614-741-5555

This authorization should remain in force for the period of 90 days starting from 12/11/2014.

I appreciate your cooperation and assistance in this matter.


Fred bup


Freds bumpers  and jumpers


Fredbup@fredsbupandjup . com

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8 years ago

Century Surety
Request Loss Runs: Email request to images@centurysurety .com or fax request to 614.823.6376

Darrin Glenn
Darrin Glenn
8 years ago

Essex Insurance Company which is a Markel company gave an email. lossruns@markelcorp dotcom

MENDO'S painting svs
MENDO'S painting svs
6 years ago

Will you send my loss run record

Abraham Alba
Abraham Alba
6 years ago

We need a copy of the loss run for workers comp.

Abraham Alba
Abraham Alba
6 years ago

Can someone please email the correct information that is needed to get the loss run. Thank you Abraham Alba 909-908-8657