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This Loss Run Information site is Dedicated to all of us hard working Insurance Agents if any of the information needs updating let me know HERE and I will change it ASAP

Do you find it difficult if not impossible to order loss runs from carriers? They are sometimes referred to as a letter of experience. I for one have had the worst times trying to locate company information and even when I do, and I send through the request, the carriers are slow to respond if they ever even bother responding. This is information that is available but normally takes days to find all of the contact information for the companies. I will do my best to give you all of the contact information for each of the companies to make it easier to do your job and order your loss runs quickly and easily. Hope it helps, and if it does drop me a line and let me know how it goes, or if there is any other information that you would like to share to expedite this tedious part of being an agent!

Loss Run Help is here

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(If you have contact info for any company let me know at the bottom of the page and I will update this page.)


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24 Responses to Order Loss Run

  1. Daniel Jarrett says:

    “IWIF” is now “Chesapeake Employers Insurance”

    Great site and thank you.

  2. hey thanks alot for your input we are really looking good with all of the input from many agents throughout the country-

  3. thanks for the input Daniel.it’s updated now

  4. Joe S says:

    I use this all of the time. Thanks for keeping this info updated!

  5. Amy DelGrosso says:

    Just stumbled across your website today and am so excited this exists!
    National Indemnity – email address to order loss runs: lossruns@nationalindemnitydotcom

  6. Celia Hudnall says:

    Great site! I just found it today through a Google search. Thank you for taking the time to pull this together.

  7. Anonymous says:

    WOW! That’s all I can say. Whoever made this site is an incredibly wonderful person!! Thank you!

  8. Candle mass says:

    Benchmark Kansas – FAX: 952-542-5381
    Ph: 800-283-0622

  9. Danita Leleux says:

    I am trying to get my loss run reports from Markel First Comp but when I go to the address that I was told to use for Markel, I cannot figure out how to get it. I cannot enter any information here and I am so confused as to all the addresses and agency information. I need these reports sent to me but it does not give me that option. Can you help me please?

  10. Anonymous says:

    for RSUI loss runs use lossinfo@rsui dotcom

  11. Anonymous says:

    Topa Insurance loss run requests can be sent to claims@topa-ins dotcom

  12. Rod Unckles says:

    Thank you very much for all your efforts in compiling this list! This is a great tool for all of us retail agents who struggle to look-up the carriers and obtain the information that you have provided. I really appreciate the communication between all in keeping the list updated, too.

  13. Anonymous says:

    McKinney, Jamaye V
    Heimberger, April K

  14. Kim Frazier says:

    We have the fax number to request loss run/claims history with Medical Mutual Insurance Society of MD, which is listed as Medical Mut Liab Ins Soc of MD, and is 410.771.0177.

  15. Kim Frazier says:

    Please add Med Mal Direct Insurance Company, 245 Riverside Ave., Suite 550, Jacksonville, FL 32202. Phone: 904.482.4068, Fax: 844.877.5939, Email: credentialing@MedMalDirect dotcom (all requests may be emailed for processing. Thank you

  16. Kimberly Frazier says:

    Please update SIMED with the following information: Email all claims history/verification requests to info@simedpr DOTCOM- mailing address: 1492 Ponce de Leon Ave., Centro Europa Bldg., Suite 501, San Juan, PR 00907

  17. Kimberly Frazier says:

    Contact for obtaining claims history/verification of coverage at LSU Health Sciences Center New Orleans – Attn: Cynthia Scott, LSUHSC-NO, 433 Bolivar St., Suite 816C, New Orleans, LA 70112. Phone, 504.568.4810 and all requests MUST be mailed. Will NOT accept faxes or email requests.

  18. Barbara Mines says:

    looking to get loss runs. my company is McGowan Excess. We are wholesalers. How do I got about getting a login on website for loss runs.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Can anyone please add loss runs contact details for Seneca Ins,AmWINS Group Inc
    RT Specialty Ins Services

  20. Kimberly Frazier says:

    Here is their corporate information: Primary Contact
    Main Corporate Number
    info@amwins DOTCOM

  21. Kimberly Frazier says:

    Here’s the corporate contact information for RT Specialty Ins. Services:
    RT Specialty

    180 N Stetson Ave, Suite 4600

    Chicago, IL 60601

    TEL: 312-784-6001

    FAX: 312-784-6002

    EMAIL: info@rtspecialty dotcom

    Since we are not sure what State the coverage is in, it’s hard to determine which Broker to select.

  22. Alec G says:


    They changed to Nationwide E&S/Specialty,and, for LOSS RUNS, their telephone prompt says to EMAIL

  23. Matt Murray says:

    Awesome site!

  24. LUCY FLOR says:


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